Ludovic Alexis Steurs

  • Active in all European countries, Ludovic Steurs articulates his action on a central goal, i.e. to help CEOs, managers and teams improve their effectiveness within the company. His tools for this are called self-discovery, search for authenticity, adaptability and linking people, all unmistakable prerequisites for any evolution opportunity.
  • His expertise and passion for Psychological Typology rest on a unique experience leveraged by an outstanding academic background. Based on the Marston approach, NLP understood as tool and not as a dogma, Sales 2.0, etc. his action rests on solid common sense and a unique ability to ask the right questions and involve you in finding the right answers.
  • His method consists in focusing his thinking on the customer by carefully and actively listening to his/her problems. New opportunities will unfold. His “out of the box” workshops always translate into concrete action plans.